My Spideypool July Santa entry for paragonless-feathers
I feel apologetic for this, because I really really rushed to make this.As always I suddenly had no time anymore (I’m actually rushing to catch my flight in time right now haaaah) and I’m not back home until sunday.This is the idea I got when you said “Team-Up or the aftermath”, even though the actual team-up would’ve been cooler.Anyway, despite me not liking it as much as I’d like to (there are just… things bothering me D:), I hope you will like it!!! <3

The shit I do when I’m supposed to work. This came out looking a bit Escher-Girlish. Sorry. #blackcat #marvel #fanart #feliciahardy #sketch #doodle

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These two need more love!I’m actually working on more fanart right now, stay tuned.

New headcanon